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Testimonial Dinner for Retirees 22 September 2009, Casa Nena

Mayap a gatpanapun pu kekayu ngan!

Pasalamatan da kayu pu at ding kekayung kayabe king pamanagun yu kening gewa ming testimonial gathering para kekayu.

It has become a tradition in Holy Angel University to host a testimonial programme for you, our dear retirees. It is our gesture of gratitude for the many years of service you have rendered to the University. Most of you have spent the prime of your life here. Holy Angel definitely has become your second home, and perhaps your children’s, too.

At this time, we can count the number of years of your service, but we cannot measure your loyalty to the Institution, your commitment to service, and the love you have shared during those years.

This school year, we started a program which we dubbed as, “Tulay sa Kabuhayan”, for the unemployed spouses of our co-workers and for those who are retiring from the University three years from now. It focuses on training, capital assistance, market access, and product development. This program springs from my personal conviction to help those who are nearing retirement age to prepare for it and become busy with a productive endeavor after retirement. I hope there are some of you who signed up in the program.

We have a tendency to exalt the young and the strong and set aside those who are older. Yet, it is the older people who are filled with wisdom that comes with experience. Your retirement has, in a way, diminished this Institution in terms of the wisdom and wealth of experience that you could still share; but in another way, it has enriched us with the thought that you have left a legacy that we can build on, a legacy that we can learn from, and a legacy that can inspire us.

Holy Angel University is on its 76th year and it remains young in spirit and is so full of plans and promises, because it keeps reinventing itself. The same thing can be said of you, my dear retirees.

As you have planned for your career, the more you should plan for your retirement. You will reinvent yourself into something new and fresh. You may start a business venture, become a fulltime grandparent, serve the church, travel, get a new job, or just spend good time with the family. As you close the door on your Holy Angel years, may you open a window to another world of endless possibilities. It is my hope that the warmth of your memories with Holy Angel be with you and continue to guide and strengthen you.

The spirit of service has been your guiding principle during your stay in Holy Angel. Now you have more time to spend with the family- more time to spend in doing the loving sacrifices asked of you. And in doing so, we wish you a pleasant disposition and good health.

Laus Deo Semper!

Date Posted: 09-21-2009