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HAU Alumna Donates Rare Video Collection to Alma Mater

Cecile Yumul turned over her entire VHS collection on Pinatubo and the 1990 earthquake to her alma mater, Holy Angel University (HAU) last May 30. The valuable video recordings were received by HAU Center for Kampangan Studies (CKS) headed by Robert Tantingco.

"The VHS tapes are original recording of her personal experiences and rescue missions during the July 16, 1990 earthquake and the 1991 Pinatubo eruption and subsequent lahars—all unique and rare footage", said Tantingco. To emphasize the value of the collection, he said Yumul "went to dangerous places even the military did not dare to go and saw things even media failed to see."

Yumul brought her own VHS rewinder and player to facilitate the cleaning and the digitization.

Tantingco said that Yumul is not only an alumna of HAU but also a long-time faculty member and winner of the national search for Outstanding Teacher sponsored by the Private Education Retirement Annuity Association (PERAA) in 1992. Recently, she starred in the HAU film "ARI: My Life with a King" for which she won best supporting actress nominations from the Metro-Manila Film Festival-New Wave Category and the Manunuri ng Pelikulang Pilipino. She is also an outspoken environmentalist.

Tantingco said the VHS collection will be digitized and made available to researchers in the CKS library. He added that Yumul will donate more collections of her coverage of historical events like the EDSA Revolution and the funeral procession for slain labor leader Rolando Olalia. "She has enough material to fill a shelf marked 'Cecile Yumul Collection'," Tantingco said.

Date Posted: 05-31-2016