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On the Occasion of the Dedication Ceremonies

On behalf of the Holy Angel Community,

the Archbishop of San Fernando and Chairman of the Board of Trustees, His Excellency, Most Rev. Paciano Aniceto, our Auxiliary Bishop, Most Rev. Roberto Mallari; and our past and present chaplains:

I warmly welcome and thank Her Excellency, President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, and His Excellency, Most Rev. Edward Joseph Adams, the Apostolic Nuncio to the Philippines for sharing this blessed day with us.

I also would like to thank all those who have shared their time, ideas, skills, talents, money and best wishes to make this chapel a reality.

We have always wanted to have a chapel this big to accommodate our ever-growing community and a chapel this beautiful so that those who come here will experience not only the presence of God but also His beauty and splendor.

It is only fitting for a Catholic university like Holy Angel that the best and most impressive structure on its campus is its chapel.

We are proud of the fact that it was mostly our fellow Kapampangans who built this church – from the santeros and woodcarvers of Betis and the pukpuk artists of Mexico, to the craftsmen and artisans of Angeles, including our own HAU and CCS carpentry and maintenance workers.

Enshrined on this beautiful gothic retablo is one of the oldest relics of Angeles, the image of San Angelo, commissioned in 1830 by no less than the founder of this town, Don Angelo Pantaleon de Miranda, who is one of the forebears of the family that built this school, the Nepomuceno family.

We have dedicated this Chapel to the Holy Guardian Angel, who is the titular patron saint of both Holy Angel and Angeles City. We hope, that together with the Parish, we can promote devotion to our Guardian Angels, especially among the youth.

As Your Excellencies will notice, the Chapel is not complete in some of its facets. By the grace of our Lord, we have come to realize, that the Chapel will never be truly a completed structure. As a place of worship, devotion and inspiration/ countless students, faculty, administrators and members of our community will each find/ a manner and a means/ of individually moving towards the evolvement of the Chapel/ towards the offering of their lives, their works, their dreams and passions, as an expression of love and oneness with the Lord.

We offer the University Chapel to the community/ as an illuminating sanctuary for God’s love and mercy, a place of divine inspiration for virtues, ideals and great ideas, and an altar of dedication to a life of service to God and country.

Dakal pung Salamat Kekayu ngan.

Date Posted: 12-08-2009