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CL students attend Mike Enriquez Seminar

GMA 7 news program host Mike Enriquez recently gave a free seminar entitled "Media and Society" to HAU students as well as students from various schools in Central Luzon. According to the seminar sponsors, the HAU Communicators League, Enriquez merely fulfilled his promise at last year's Paragala Awards to give a free seminar to communication students.

Students and faculty members from colleges and universities in Bataan, Bulacan, and Pampanga attended the seminar held at the PGN Auditorium. Among the participating schools are Asia Pacific College of Advanced Studies (APCAS) in Bataan, Dr. Yanga's College in Bulacan, ACLC Angeles, Pampanga State Agricultural University (PSAU), Mary the Queen College, University of the Assumption and St. Nicolas College of Business and Technology.

Dr. Marga B. Carreon, Dean of the College of Arts, Sciences and Education (CASEd), introduced the guest speaker.

In his talk, Enriquez discussed the nature of media as both a business and a service to the audience, as well as its power in shaping society. He gave as example GMA Network's Core Values which he said contributed to the network's success.

In her closing remarks, Ms. Leslie S. Manalo, AB Comm Chairperson, thanked Enriquez and the participants for their support to the organization's advocacy to promote responsible media. The event was hosted by Christian Darnel David, 3rd year AB Comm student.

Date Posted: 12-01-2015