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Madrigal Concert

Mayap a bengi pu kekayu ngan.

It was Henry Wadsworth Longfellow who said that music is the language spoken by angels.

Tonight we are lucky to have no less than the best choir in the world perform in our newly blessed University Chapel.

It is no coincidence that these performers who sing like angels will be performing in a chapel dedicated to the Holy Guardian Angel, in a university and in a city both named after angels.

We have equipped this chapel with the best acoustics and lighting so that the Word of God will be heard in all its fullness, and so that you, our community both inside and outside, will experience the beauty and glory of God.

The Philippine Madrigal Singers will be performing sacred music tonight. The selection is appropriate for our venue. In the future, we hope to bring them back for another concert, this time in our University Theatre.

I would like to thank all of you for sharing this most blessed day with us. I also would like to thank Mr. Rey Sison and HighSpire, the same team that built this beautiful chapel, for bringing the Madrigal Singers to Holy Angel University.

Dakal pung salamat.

Date Posted: 12-08-2009