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HAU President unveils long-term faculty loading plan

Holy Angel University will retain nearly all its faculty members despite zero college freshmen enrollment in 2016 and 2017, thanks to mitigation measures designed as safety nets for deloaded instructors.

This assurance was announced by HAU President Dr. Luis Maria R. Calingo during a faculty assembly he called this week.

Using a PowerPoint presentation, Dr. Calingo unveiled the HAU Long-Term Faculty Loading Plan that addresses all the issues and anxieties brought about by the impending senior high school (Grades 11 and 12) program that will result in zero college enrollment in SY 2016-17 and SY 2017-18 which will become zero sophomore, junior and senior college enrollments until SY 2019-20.

Under the plan, the University will give special assignments in place of teaching loads to spare HAU faculty from the effects of widespread retrenchment expected hit all colleges and universities throughout the country.

These special assignments include completion of doctorate and master’s degrees, research projects, creative works, community service, industry immersion, administrative work within the University, student mentoring for senior high school and student advising for college.

Thus, instead of retrenching its faculty, Holy Angel will invest in their further studies and other development programs not only to shield them from economic dislocation but more importantly, retool and prepare them for future teaching assignments when Grade 12 graduates enroll in college starting SY 2018-19.

The plan, according to Dr. Calingo, is an expression of the University’s concern for its faculty and faith in their ability to weather the storm of K-to-12.

Earlier, during the Thanksgiving Mass marking the end of the labor dispute between HAU management and union, Dr. Calingo reiterated his administration's vision of making Holy Angel "the workplace of choice" in the region.

Date Posted: 09-15-2015