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Top linguist attends mobile app launching

Kapampangan linguist Dr. Anicia H. del Corro lauded the efforts of the HAU Center for Kapampangan Studies for making a Kapampangan dictionary and phrasebook accessible to the public through mobile apps.

Del Corro was the guest speaker in the launching of the mobile apps on September 2 during the celebration of the Aldo ning Amanung Sisuan (Day of the Kapampangan Language).

According to Del Corro, it was the Center that commissioned the English translation and publication of the 1732 Kapampangan dictionary written by Fray Diego Bergaño, which she said "is a treasure trove of anthropological and linguistic information."

"Publishing the dictionary years ago was already a big contribution by the Center, and now the Center has taken it another step farther by converting the Bergaño dictionary into a mobile app which can be downloaded by anybody for free," Del Corro said.

"Previously, only scholars and historians who understand Spanish could access Bergaño. Thanks to the Center, anyone with a mobile phone can," Del Corro added.

The Center’s director, Robby Tantingco, said that the mobile apps are only the latest innovations of the Center in its bid to bring Kapampangan culture to the youth. "Young people hardly read books anymore, so we expanded to other media like CD, 3D animated film, short film and now full-length film."

The University recently produced a Kapampangan film entitled "Ari: My Life With A King" which is an official selection in this year’s Vancouver International Film Festival and Harlem International Film Festival in New York. The film’s trailer was launched during the same program.

The mobile apps are the collaborative work of the Center’s staff and students and alumni of the HAU College of Information and Communications Technology (CICT).

Date Posted: 09-03-2015