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President spells out strategic priorities in Mass of Holy Spirit

New University President Dr. Luis Maria R. Calingo spelled out his administration's four strategic priorities, comparing their pursuit to a "climb to Mount Everest."

Dr. Calingo delivered his speech during the Mass of the Holy Spirit, traditionally the Mass to mark the opening of a new school year, celebrated by His Excellency, Most Rev. Florentino Lavarias, D.D., Archbishop of San Fernando, last June 16 at the Chapel of the Holy Guardian Angel.

Addressing the students, faculty, non-teaching personnel, administrators, alumni and parents in the assembly, the HAU President enumerated his priorities as: (1)never-ending pursuit of academic quality and organizational excellence, (2) alleviation of poverty by providing access to quality education by students from socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds, (3) Holy Angel to become the "employer of choice in Central Luzon," and (4) leadership in Catholic education.

Last week, Dr. Calingo addressed all HAU faculty members in their annual assembly held at the University Theatre (see text of that speech in the HAU website and Facebook account).

He is also scheduled to address assemblies of college freshmen and student leaders in the next few days.

Dr. Calingo said it is the responsibility of instructors "to inspire, to prod, to irritate, to create engaging environments that enable learning to take place that cannot happen simply from reading books."

In a special message to students, Dr. Calingo said "the value of college education comes from the effort that you put into it," describing college as "a challenging engagement in which both the student and the professor have to take an active and risk-taking role if one is to realize its potential value."

He added that it is the professor's responsibility "to provoke," the university's responsibility "to provide opportunities," and the student's responsibility "to seize them."

The Mass was preceded by a ceremony at the University Entrance where freshmen were welcomed by the HAU Community. During the Mass, Archbishop Lavarias prayed over Dr. Calingo and blessed him and the administrators, faculty and employees in the chapel.

Date Posted: 06-17-2015