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Baccalaureate Mass

My dear Candidates for Graduation:

Good morning/afternoon.

On behalf of the Acting President, Engr. Geromin Nepomuceno, Jr. and the entire Administration of the University, I congratulate each one of you on the occasion of your college graduation. It was very fitting that we preceded your commencement ceremony with the Baccalaureate Mass, sending the message that everything in your studies begins, proceeds and ends with the Lord. God is indeed the alpha and the omega ─ the beginning and the end. It was only by his grace that you were able to reach your goal, for as he said, without him we can do nothing.

My dear students, as you earn your respective degrees, we trust that you have acquired the knowledge, skills, abilities, attitudes and values that you need for a successful practice of your profession. May you be productive citizens of society, contributing your share in improving the quality of life ─ in your families, in your places of work, in your communities, in the nation and in the world.

Your alma mater is looking forward to see you succeed in the rest of this journey called life. For those who will soon take the Board examinations, may your batch register a 100 percent passing rate; not only that, may many of you land among the top ten. And as you seek employment or engage in independent practice of the profession, may you be competent enough in bringing positive change to your workplace, and as always, may you exude the dignity of a true Angelite.

Life outside is not always easy; it is filled with trials and challenges. Nevertheless, it is still a beautiful world. As what Jesus proclaimed in the gospel today, “Do not be afraid.”

Again, to you, to your loving parents, siblings, relatives and friends, and to your mentors, Congratulations and God bless.

Date Posted: 04-05-2015