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CLE Faculty Revisit Their Role as Catholic Formators

Led by Rev. Fr. Deogracias Kerr S. Galang, twenty full-time CLE faculty members revisited the attributes of CLE teachers as exemplars of faith and advocates of the Catholic way of life in a formation session held on September 3, 2014 at the PGN Conference Room.

The event also served as an occasion for the CLE Teachers to renew their commitment to their role as Catholic formators and to enrich their strategies in forming children into wholistic individuals. Fr. Deo left them a crucial reminder that they should take pride in teaching the Christian Living Education subject which is not to be treated as a minor subject but a special one because it is geared towards building not only the mind of the learners but the totality of their person. He also stressed that the role of the CLE teacher is not to discipline but rather form the students and that formation is a co-operation between the CLE teachers and the students. According to him, such co-operation can only be made possible if the CLE class can be a time and place where students can be themselves.

Date Posted: 10-13-2014