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CLE Students Anticipate BFAST Thursdays and Fridays

Ever wondered why CLE students race to their classes with bells on, come Thursday and Friday? Well, it’s because these days are “BFAST Thursdays and Fridays”. The weekly program adopted from the “Bible for Faith and Action Sharing Team” (BFAST) of the Holy Rosary Parish have become an avenue where, guided by their teacher, students could sit together in small groups during their Thursday or Friday CLE classes to read and reflect on the gospel for the coming Sunday in preparation for the Sunday Mass. Through the BFAST sessions, the students get to experience the sharing of self by listening and by being listened to. Since the sharing is done in a more casual, homey atmosphere and the sessions could be held in a venue outside of the classroom such as at the University Chapel, at the food courts, or even off-campus provided that it is within the surrounding vicinity of the school, students tend to feel unrestricted to share their innermost thoughts, feelings and more; thereby, maturing spiritually together with their peers.

Date Posted: 10-13-2014