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Psychology of Attraction and Modern Relationships

Holy Angel University Psychology Society (HAU PsychSoc), in cooperation with the College of Arts, Sciences, and Education Student Council (CASEd CSC), organized Psychology of Attraction and Modern Relationship held last September 30, 2014 at PGN Auditorium, 01:30pm to 04:00 pm.

PsychSoc Chancellor, Mel Vinci Cruz, welcomed the attendees.The resource speakers were Mr. Aris Gonzales and Mr. Daryl Malonzo.Mr. Aris Gonzales discussed modern relationship and jargonslike MOMOL (Make-out Make-out Lang), COCOL (Coffee Coffee Lang), and HOHOL (Hang-out Hang-out Lang) often usedin defining relationships nowadays. Mr. Daryl Malonzo, on the other hand, discussed the psychology of attraction and “paanokamagiging crush ng crush mo”. He gave some insightson the use of body languagesin flirtingand also some signs to tell that a person likes you. The speakers also answered questions from the audience.

The seminar’s program, emceed by Ria Camille Teopaco and Gabriel Bitao, was filled with laughter and fun. Ice breakers, such as horoscope reading and a blind dating game, were presented. Intermission numbers were also presented during transitions.

The said seminar was open to all HAU Students.

Date Posted: 10-13-2014