University President's Groundbreaking Ceremony Message for HAU Alviera

From the President

March 9, 2020

Good morning. It is my honor and my privilege to welcome you to this groundbreaking ceremony for the Holy Angel University extension campus here in Ayala Alviera, the future home of our academic disciplines dedicated to creativity and design thinking.

I would like to acknowledge members of the Nepomuceno family, members of the Board of Trustees, our partners in the Ayala Alviera group, and administrators of Holy Angel University.

I am sure that many of you appreciate that this ceremony marks a milestone in the history of Holy Angel University. The University’s vision is to become a role-model catalyst for countryside development and one of the most influential, best-managed Catholic universities in the Asia Pacific region. Today, we take another step toward the development not only of Holy Angel University, but also of Central Luzon and he countryside north of Manila. In its initial years, the Alviera campus will house the University’s aeronautical engineering, architecture, creative animation, and academic programs that would potentially draw students from other regions of the country as well as internationally.

The Alviera campus represents an important step in the academic transformation of Holy Angel University from a school that educates primarily left-brained people to one that also serves right-brained students. The guiding academic concept of the Alviera campus is the Creative Multidisciplinary Convergence and Technologies or CMCT. As an academic discipline, CMCT combines two or more content forms—such as sound, still images, and moving images—that constitute means for producing work by melding these means through the use of multimedia, digital, and emerging technologies. Artists and designers make choices among these means as they create and realize specific works, productions, or products.

At our Alviera campus, CMCT will feature a multidisciplinary approach to creative ventures like filmmaking and animation, which are intertwined in other programs such as engineering, architecture, business, and artistic pursuits. When you harness creativity and design thinking from diverse disciplines, the possibilities are endless. The Philippines will see this for the first time when the Alviera campus opens its doors in 2022. Even more importantly, by that time, prospective students from the provinces outside the National Capital Region do not need to emigrate to learn about STEM or the applied arts.

Welcome to the Holy Angel University extension campus in Alviera!

Laus Deo semper!

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