Participants Applaud CPD Training for Registered Criminologists in Advanced Polygraph Techniques

College of Criminal Justice Education and Forensics

January 31, 2024

In a two-day Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training program for registered criminologists organized by the College of Criminal Justice Education and Forensics (CCJEF) and the Institute of Academic Innovation and Entrepreneurship (IAIE) entitled "Mastering Digital Polygraph Techniques: Advanced Training for Accurate Deception and Detection," held on January 27 and 28, 2024, participants expressed their overwhelmingly positive impressions and satisfaction with the comprehensive content and practical insights provided.
The training, designed to enhance skills in digital polygraph techniques for precise deception detection, attracted professionals nationwide, including law enforcement officers, criminology educators, private investigators, and others.
Participants praised the program's hands-on approach, allowing them to engage with the latest tools and techniques to enhance the accuracy of polygraph examinations. The interactive sessions and practical exercises provided valuable real-world applications, ensuring participants left with practical skills they could immediately apply in their respective professions.
One participant, P/CPT FERDINAND D PEREZ JR, Deputy Chief of Police, Quezon MPS, Nueva Ecija, shared, "I am very satisfied with the CPD training on digital polygraph techniques conducted by HAU-CCJEF. This CPD training was thoroughly enjoyed by all participants, particularly the practical applications and laboratory exercises, which enhanced participants' skills to contribute effectively within their respective agencies and institutions. The training program is highly commendable, as well as the efforts of HAU-CCJEF."
Another participant, DR. RUBY L. TAMAYO, Dean of CCJE at Holy Trinity College-General Santos City, commented, "I am thrilled to award a rating of "10" to this CPD Training, marking it the highest rating I have ever given to any training program. Congratulations on delivering such an exceptional experience, and I eagerly look forward to more of this caliber in the future! Indeed, this CPD Training goes beyond mere unit compliance; it serves as a platform for discovering and embracing new knowledge in the field and venturing into advanced areas of study."
MS. SHEENA MAE DELOS SANTOS, CCJE Faculty at Mahardika Institute of Technology, Bongao, Tawi-Tawi, shared, "The most valuable aspect for me was the formulation of polygraph questions. I would recommend this training. The knowledge and skills gained are invaluable for anyone seeking to advance their expertise in deception detection through digital polygraph techniques."
Overall, the CPD training program left participants impressed and equipped with advanced skills to enhance the accuracy of deception detection in their professional endeavors. The positive feedback underscores the program's success in delivering quality, accessible, and up-to-date knowledge in the ever-evolving landscape of Criminology. The 69 participants who completed the CPD training program were awarded 10 CPD points.