3D Building Scanning – HAU-Architecture Department and Limang Siglo Commence Digital Documentation Activities

School of Engineering and Architecture

May 2, 2022


The Architecture Department and Limang Siglo share mutual thrust and efforts to protect and document numerous Architectural heritage buildings in the Philippines.

On April 28, 2022, the two groups realized this shared commitment by commencing a digital documentation activity in San Agustin Church, Lubao Pampanga, with the use of 3D scanning equipment– the Leica BLK360. This exclusive high-tech equipment, mainly used by the Architecture Department on their community projects, is a compact imaging laser scanner that functions a 360° laser distance meter and high-definition panoramic imaging to create a 3D point cloud of the space around it. Holy Angel University is one of the few schools to secure this very sophisticated equipment that primarily aims to contribute on the architectural conservation efforts for the welfare of various stakeholders in a particular community.

Project Limag Siglo – an advocacy group with partners such as the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) and Digiscript Philippines Inc. aims in training local teams to ensure that digital documentation becomes a local and sustainable endeavor. With this in mind, the Architecture department, which also aims to be a catalyst for countryside development, aligned with the group as both shares the same goal to help local communities by digitally preserving their local architectural heritage through the use of comprehensive photogrammetry and 3D scans. Majority of the churches in the Pampanga, do not have digital documentation. With the help of the local community, the two groups envision to completely produce a digital documentation for various cultural heritage buildings. Furthermore, the detailed scans produced by this partnership will be donated to the primary stakeholders involved for safe-keeping and may serve as basis for their Conservation Management Plan (CMP).

Their first joint activity was initiated by Limang Siglo through Mr. Fernando Contreras Jr. with the blessing of Rev. Fr. Emiliano Dizon, the parish priest of San Agustin Church. More popularly known as Lubao Church, the design is of Baroque Architecture. It was founded in 1572 and has been declared by the National Museum of the Philippines as an Important Cultural Property in 2013. It will be celebrating its 450th Foundation this year.