Communication Students Collaborate on Marketing Plans to Boost Program

School of Arts and Sciences

April 2, 2024

Communication students set their love for the program aflame last March 20, 2024 during the onboarding meeting concerning the Marketing Plans set to be lifted from black and white on the next Academic Year 2024-2025. Their shared appreciation for the program is concretized through a plan that aims to expand BA Communication’s numbers and reach.

The meeting was initiated by Nikazer Salalila and was graced by Ms. Karen Crineza Caoile Rivera, the Communication Program Coordinator; Kirchhoff Pierre Dizon, the Communicators’ League President; Juliana Yabut, the Head of Public Relations Guild, and Communication student-volunteers.

With the creative inputs of the team, a fruitful discussion for the enhancement of marketing strategies for the program was successfully convened.