11th Paragala: Set to Sail on 2024

School of Arts and Sciences

April 11, 2024

The awards season has officially begun as the Communicators’ League (CL) sets its sights on the planning of the 11th Paragala: The Central Luzon Media Awards, a student-based awarding body of Holy Angel University, as it initiated a meeting on March 22, 2024, for the pitching of the event’s action plan and timeline.

The meeting was packed with Communication student-volunteers headed by Kirchhoff Pierre Dizon, the Communicators’ League President and the Communication Program Coordinator, Ms. Karen Crineza Caoile Rivera, alongside the guild heads and core officers: Nawon Kim, the Vice President for Internal Affairs and the Journalism Guild Head; Justine Fong, the Vice President for External Affairs; Michelle Banal, the Finance Head; Juliana Yabut, the Public Relations Head; and Laurence Nunag, the Guild Coordinator.

After a meaningful meeting that proved the hearts and passion of the Communication students for their program, the league is ready to get to work on their biggest event of the year.