CCJEF conducts GA for SY 23-24

College of Criminal Justice Education and Forensics

August 22, 2023


A sense of anticipation and excitement filled the air as students, parents, and faculty members gathered at the University Theater last August 15, 2023, for the highly anticipated General Assembly of the College of Criminal Justice Education and Forensics in (CCJEF).


The assembly was an avenue to celebrate the achievements of the previous school year. CCJEF Dean, Dr. Niño M. Kabiling, presented in an AVP the in-depth accomplishment report highlighting notable milestones, academic advancements, community engagement initiatives, and extracurricular successes.Program Coordinators  Mr. Emanuel Manahan (Criminology) and Mr. Job Conin-e (Forensic Science) presented the revised curricula and the grading system.


The GA also served as a platform to present the university’s revised Mission and Vision and discuss uniform concerns. Attendees engaged in conversations about the symbolism of uniforms and how they contribute to a sense of belonging. 


Laboratory reminders were also discussed, underscoring the significance of safety protocols and responsible conduct within academic spaces.


The assembly also showcased the diverse landscape of CCJEF student organizations, each contributing to the rich tapestry of student life and advocacy. Representatives from various organizations took the stage to introduce their respective organizations and upcoming initiatives. Students were encouraged to explore these opportunities for personal growth and community engagement.


As the CCJEF General Assembly drew close, a sense of unity and purpose permeated the venue. The event's presentations, discussions, and interactions underscored the power of collaboration and shared vision. Students, parents, and faculty left with a renewed commitment to advancing educational equity, embracing change, and contributing to a brighter future.


Dr. Kabiling leaves an inspirational message for everyone, "The path to success is rarely a straight line, but the twists and turns shape you into resilient individuals capable of achieving remarkable feats. As you embark on your academic journey, carry with you the belief that you can achieve greatness beyond measure."