School of Arts and Sciences

May 24, 2022

To revel in the world of Copywriting, the sophomores of the Holy Angel University (HAU) Communication (Comm) program spearheaded a Copy Talk Series in the second semester of the academic year 2021-2022, via Zoom Meeting.

Despite the pandemic that hampered them to be physically together, the Comm sophomores were able to gear up for an online tri-part, Copy Talk Series. The not exceeding 2-hour informative discussion per session with different topics to be traversed are participated by the sophomore students of the HAU Comm Program, where experts in the field of advertising are invited as guest speakers.

Last January 26, Marcelo Lacap III, an alumnus of the HAU Comm program, currently an Associate Creative Director at NuWorks Interactive Labs, Inc., kicked off the series and imparted his expertise in copywriting.

Thereafter, on March 12, Kyle Yabut,an alumnus of the HAU IT program, shared his knowledge in content planning and writing for social media. He is currently working for Summit Media as a Sales & Advertising CDM PH and Google Certified Digital Marketer.

Ending the Copy Talk Series on a compelling note, last April 30, Mr. Bryan Siy, an Executive Creative Director of TCP-TBWA\ Indonesia, fired away as he enlightens aspiring copywriters on the power of copywriting.

With that, the Copy Talk Series concluded with a reminder that copy has the power to make and change history at the same time. It’s magical yet frightening, hence, it should be used well.

Moreover, Lacap, one of the guest speakers, is set to compete in the Cannes Young Lions, the Oscars in the creative industry in June 2022.