Government Mandated Benefits

How can I avail of SSS Salary Loan?

  • You should have 6 posted monthly contributions for the last 12 months prior to the month of filing.
  • To be eligible for 1-month salary loan, you must have 36 posted monthly contributions prior to the month of filing. To be eligible for 2-month salary loan, you must have 72 posted monthly contributions prior to the month of filing.
  • Loanable amount is based on the average of your 12 monthly salary credits posted and twice the average for 2-month salary loan but not to exceed P24,000 payable within 2 years.
  • You must accomplish a Salary Loan Application Form and submit to Payroll Office with a photocopy of your SS Digitized ID. If you do not have an SS digitized ID yet, attach a photocopy of your E-6 stub (Application for SS Digitized ED).
  • Processing time shall for 3-4 weeks including transmittal through.
  • SSS Main, Pampanga
  • You shall be informed by Payroll Office once your loan check is available. Loan payment through salary deduction shall start on the 2nd month following the date of loan.

What are the requirements for SSS Sickness Benefit?

  • Sickness benefit is a daily cash allowance paid to a member for the number of days he is unable to work due to sickness or injury.
  • You shall be qualified for this benefit if you were confined either in the hospital or at home for at least 4 days, has paid at least 3 monthly contributions within 12-month period immediately before the semester of sickness or injury and has used up all company sick leaves or is not yet entitled to it as probationary employee or contractual.
  • You should notify Payroll Office within 5 days from start of sickness or if notification is through Supervisor, notification should be immediately relayed to Payroll Office.
  • Immediately accomplish a Sickness Notification Form (Part II of which should be filled-up your attending physician) and photocopy of your SS Digitized ID for processing. You shall be informed by Payroll Office once your check is available.

How do I avail of SSS Maternity Benefit?

  • This benefit is granted to female members due to delivery or miscarriage regardless of civil status.
  • You should accomplish a Maternity Notification (MAT-1) at least 60 days upon knowledge of pregnancy and submit to Payroll Office together with pregnancy test or ultrasound report.
  • You should have at least 3 posted monthly contributions within a 12-month period before the semester of childbirth or miscarriage.
  • The amount of benefit shall be equivalent to 100% of the average daily salary credit multiplied by 60 days for normal delivery and 78 days for caesarian. You may reach out to Payroll Office for this computation.
  • Holy Angel shall advance the amount equivalent to your maternity benefit through check within 30 days upon filing of maternity leave.
  • You are therefore required to file the Payroll Office for maternity leave at least 2 weeks before the month of delivery to facilitate early release of check.

How do I process my PAG-IBIG Multi Purpose Loan?

  • You should be an active member at the time of application and has made at least 24 months contributions.
  • Accomplish the Pag-IBIG Multi-purpose Loan Application (HDMF for P2-1) and submit the application form to Payroll Office for processing and you shall be informed once your loan check is available.
  • Loanable amount is equivalent to 60% of the Total Accumulated Value of your savings (contributions) with Pag-IBIG to be paid over a period of 24-months.

When do I become eligible for Phil-health Benefits and what do these cover?

  • You should have at least 3 monthly contributions within the immediate 6 months prior to confinement.
  • Confinement should be in a Philhealth accredited hospital for not less than 24 hours due to illness or injury requiring hospitalization.
  • This benefit can be extended to the following: Legitimate spouse, non-member/Children (legitimate/illegitimate/adopted/stepchild), below 21 yrs. old, unmarried and unemployed/Parents 60 yrs. old and above, non-members and wholly dependent on the member for support.
  • Secure a Philhealth Claim Form 1 to be signed by the Payroll Head or any of his representatives and request for your latest 3 months certificate of contribution.
  • Submit this form to the hospital billing section prior to discharge.

Can I avail of a refund if I failed to avail of the Philhealth benefits upn settlement of my hospital bills?

  • Yes, you can directly file your Philhealth refund directly to Philhealth Office within 60 days upon discharge provided you have the ff. documents: Claim form 1, 2 & 3 duly accomplished by your attending physician and hospital; original OR’s of payments made to the hospital including doctor’s OR for professional fee; waiver.
  • Check refund shall be directly mailed to your address by Philhealth.

Company Benefits

How do I avail of my vacation leave?

Only permanent NTP are entitled to avail of the 15 days of vacation leave per calendar year. To avail of this leave you must file an RFL ahead of time and secure approval from your immediate superior. The schedule of the leave will be upon the discretion of the superior. Leaves less than a week are filed at least 2 days prior to effective date. Longer leaves must be filed a week prior to effective date.

How do I avail of my sick leave?

This 15 days of leave per calendar year shall be allowed only in cases of actual illness and prolonged sickness. The sick leave is filed on the first word day after the absence. It must be certified by the school physician, if a medical certificate is issued by a private doctor it must attached to the RFL.

How do I avail of my accumulated unused sick leave?

Unused sick leave for the last three years may be used for future prolonged illness.

What are my bereavement benefits?

Financial assistance is extended to employees for the death of an immediate family member along with the wreath.

How do I apply for gift benefit for the new born?

Male and female employees may avail of the gift benefit granted to their newborn legitimate child, up to a maximum of four claims – excluding stillbirth and miscarriages. Secure an application form at the HRD Office to fill-up and submit it with the necessary documents such birth certificate of the newborn child with the certification from the attending physician or midwife. The form must be duly endorsed by the immediate superior.

What about Paternity leave?

The 7-day leave may be availed by permanent male employees with full pay for the 1st four deliveries of the employee’s lawful wife. The seven days can be used continuously at one time or staggered within a month.

What is the educational benefit?

The regular employee and his or her dependents (legitimate children and spouse) can enjoy the tuition discount so long as they are enrolled in the university. The benefit is limited to four children from high school to college.

Who are qualified for the Uniform benefits?

All regular non teaching personnel and faculty and part-time permanent faculty enjoy the full benefit. Probationary and full time fixed term college faculty who have served continuous four semesters are entitled to 50% of the benefit. High School and Elementary faculty who have rendered one year of service under probation are entitled to a 50% benefit.

How do I use my Medical Benefits?

Consult physicians accredited by our medical insurance provided. Present your active health card to the assigned HMO in the hospital to avail of the free consultation and diagnostic services covered by our card.

What forms do I accomplish in applying for leave ?

Secure an RFL at HRD Office for any kind of leave.

When do I conduct make up classes?

Once the faculty’s sick leave benefit has been exhausted, the holding of make up classes becomes compulsory. A total of 3 days of make up classes is allowed per semester, regardless of the number of make up classes to be held in a day.