Faculty and Staff Development

Faculty Development Program

The Faculty Development Program offers projects, services and activities that would lead to the holistic development of the faculty as: an individual person, a professional teacher and a community member.

The program is made up of three components:

In-Service Education and Training Program (INSET)

This is a set of training activities based on identified needs and designed for new faculty who are non-education graduates for the next two years of stay in the University from their date of hiring. It is aimed at developing the professional knowledge, skills, attitudes and performance of faculty.

In the first year, a total of seven (7) modules have been lined up to provide new faculty with the basics of teaching divided into the first four(4) during the first semester and the last three (3) during the second semester, to wit:

  • The Essence of Commitment to the Teaching Profession
  • Professional Ethics
  • Measurement and Evaluation
  • Principles of Teaching and Strategies
  • Classroom Management
  • Motivation Techniques and Art of Questioning
  • Innovative Teaching Strategies

Professional Enhancement Program

This program involves the upgrading and updating of professional knowledge and competencies of HAU teaching force through trainings, seminars, workshops, conferences conducted in and outside the University.

Graduate/Post-Graduate Studies Assistance Program

The University continues to give emphasis on the importance of graduate/post-graduate education in the faculty development program. It offers various forms of assistance at different stages of the faculty’s graduate/post-graduate studies.

  • Faculty Development Fund Loan ( Study Loan )
  • Tuition Assistance/ Discount
  • Group Service Vehicle
  • Study Leave with Pay
  • Thesis/Dissertation Grant
  • Thesis Deloading

Application for Degree Program Assistance

Staff Development Program for NTP

The Staff Development Program focuses on the triangulation of personal development, professional development and organizational development consisting of five development disciplines: personal mastery, mental models, team learning, shared vision, and systems thinking. These are pursued in the following program components:

  • Training and Coaching
  • Career Planning and Development
  • Continuing Education