About Us

The HRD Office at Holy Angel University was formally set up as a distinct administrative unit in 1986, known then as the Personnel Office. Through the years, it has evolved as a service center that provides administrative support services to all departments in the University through the following functions:

  1. Recruitment, Selection and Placement
    Manpower sourcing and placement, providing manpower reserve and qualification standards, induction/orientation of employees, review of recommendations for movements and promotions, placement and changes in status, and conduct of exit interview.

  2. Performance Management
    Development and appraisal of the effectiveness of the University workforce, reward program and system.

  3. Job Classification and Evaluation
    Job evaluation and review, job description and specification writing, position classification including title grading and pricing of each job position, salary range and pay grade and standardization.

  4. Employment Records Management
    Maintenance of systems on personnel records particularly the 201 File maintenance (all official HRD records), monitoring of HRD movement, internal and external reports (DOLE, CHED, DECS), maintenance of records and systems.

  5. Employee Relations and Services
    Attendance monitoring, administration of leave benefits, employee counseling, facilitation of the processing of complaints and grievances, provision of socialization opportunities through sports activities, and socials, community outreach and other miscellaneous services.

  6. Industrial and Labor Relations
    Relations with union, relations with DOLE/NLRC, implementation of CBA provisions, labor-management consultation, employee discipline, incidence and case investigation, labor agreements.

In SY 2009 - 2010, in line with the University's thrust to realign the related functions of the various offices, the Personnel Office was reorganized into the HRD Office with the inclusion of the IFSD.


The HAU HRD Office, in its pursuit for excellence and quality service, strives to professionalize and standardize the HRD Systems and Services reflective of a motivated and competitive workforce for the University and the community.


  • The HAU faculty and employees are the greatest resource of the University. Through the optimum deployment, management and development of the faculty and employees, the Personnel office aims to enhance the operating efficiency of the University in support of its strategic goals
  • With this endeavor, the HRD Office facilitates the continuous formation of knowledge, skills and proficiency of its faculty and employees in order to maximize their potential.

Goals and Objectives

  1. To assist in the accomplishment of the objectives of the University through the development of formal and informal programs and activities which encourage and develop the talent and abilities of the entire personnel.
  2. To develop the skills of personnel for a better performance of their official duties.
  3. To direct efforts and develop flexibility to meet the needs of the different units.
  4. To facilitate adherence to systems and procedures and coordination in scope and direction.
  5. To provide a smooth delivery of service, that is on time and error-free, to meet the clients' needs.