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Graduate School Of Business Online Distance Education Program


This program involves courses in the Graduate School of Business which classes are conducted online. By making learning available 24 hours a day and seven (7) days a week via internet, online distance education saves the time of both faculty and students as it allows them to fit learning into their busy schedules.

Online distance education is a viable option for students who would like to pursue their educational development with a minimum of financial investment while working hard at their studies just like regular campus-based students.

To actualize the vision, the Graduate School of Education commits itself to the following objectives:

  • To develop highly competent leaders and experts in the fields of English, Mathematics, Guidance and Counseling, Library Science and Educational Management;
  • To nurture a scholarly attitude towards research for the improvement of educational thinking and practice;
  • To instill the spirit of community involvement through innovative and responsible approaches for the establishment of a progressive and responsible society;
  • To develop independent thinking and to sharpen the creative and critical capabilities of the individual.


To realize the vision the Business and Management Programs, the following objectives must be achieved:

  • To introduce an online distance education as a new concept of teaching and learning;
  • To foster a sense of collaborative learning in an online course; and
  • To upgrade and update the knowledge and competencies of practitioners, executive and individuals in the business and government profession in an online mode of learning.

Admission Requirements

The course is open to interested individuals who are willing to pursue Graduate Studies in the field of Business, Accountancy, Entrepreneurship, Public Administration and Governance.

To be admitted, applicants must have:

  1. A Bachelor's Degree for the Masteral Programs and Master's degree for the DBM Program;
  2. Completed Application Form (c/o Admission's Office);
  3. Original and Photocopy of Official Transcript of Records indicating for graduate studies purposes;
  4. 5 copies of 1.5 x 1.5 latest photo;
  5. Satisfactory Admission Test Scores;
  6. Satisfactory Interview Results;
  7. At least two (2) years of work experience;
  8. Basic computer and internet skills (word processing and e-mail, and surfing the internet); and
  9. Access to a computer connected to the internet.

Course Structure

The program employs the blended learning model, which is a combination of instructor-led web-based course and face-to-face examination (Midterm and Finals) to be scheduled by the faculty. Written Comprehensive Examination (WCE) can be taken after completion of all academic units. Business Research/Business Plan/Thesis/Dissertation is a terminal requirement to be taken if passed the WCE.

Three (3) subjects can be taken, simultaneously, online in a semester. Instead the faculty and students hold a face-to-face tutorial session, online learning can be used as a form of interaction between faculty and students. The courses are interactive and allow for exchange of ideas between the faculty and students (or even the whole class).

Online Interaction Procedure

A group e- mail is created for the students and the faculty to serve as a discussion board. The faculty posts all his lessons on that facility for all his students to read. Students can also post question in this group e-mail. All that is sent in this group e-mail can be accessed by the members of the group. If a faculty would like to communicate separately to his student, then he can send a message on that student's individual e-mail address and not on the group e-mail. A basic example is a yahoo group which can generate productive interaction among members.


Master of Business Management

The Master of Business Management Program is designed for practitioners and executives of both private and public institutions as well as individuals who intend to enhance their knowledge and skills in the practical applications of management theories, research and quantitative methods of managing a business. MBM is both Non-Thesis and With Thesis that consists of a total of 42 units of course work. Upon completion of all academic units, students are required to take the written comprehensive examination (WCE).

Master in Public Administration

The Master in Public Administration (MPA) Program is designed for government administrators, policy makers, officials, practitioners and executives of private, public and non-government organizations as well individuals who are interested to learn and enhance their knowledge and skills in the formulation of public policy, administrative reforms and effective governance. This course also offers Government Elected Officials and Extension Program. It consists of a total of 42 units of course work which includes submission of a thesis. Upon completion of all academic units, students are required to take the written comprehensive examination (WCE), except the MPA - Government Elected Officials program.

Master of Science in Accountancy

The Master of Science in Accountancy is a graduate accounting program intended for practitioners in the accounting-related field. It is designed to develop the practitioners of accounting related functions with a high level of theoretical knowledge on advanced accounting and research principles.

The said program also incorporates more quantitative and research oriented subjects that will enable students to address the technical and operational challenges of accounting profession.

Master of Entrepreneurship

The Master of Entrepreneurship Program is designed for individuals who would like to explore the unique problems and dynamic environment in a start-up venture. The said program also incorporates interdisciplinary approaches to address the operational challenges of engaging in entrepreneurship profession.

Master of Entrepreneurship consists of a total of 42 units of course work, including the business plan. Upon completion of all academic units, students are required to take the written comprehensive examination (WCE) and enroll the business plan.

Doctor of Business Management

The Doctor of Business Management Program is designed for executives, managers, professors and individuals in the business management profession. It also aims at preparing highly qualified students for teaching, research and consultancy as well as managerial positions in private and public organizations.