Message from the Dean

It is a great honor and a privilege for me to serve you as your Dean of Graduate Studies & Research and the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

The Office of the VPAA has the primary responsibility of maintaining the highest standards in teaching and learning, scholarship and research. As your chief academic officer, I have the duty to safeguard and cultivate the learning environment, to ensure that collective academic discourse holds primacy over and above any other mundane parochial endeavors. This can be done only if we all work together bearing in mind always the noble purpose why we are all here in the first place.

I would like to affirm the Four Bold Strategic Goals outlined by our University President, and my office will play a vital role in the implementation of these goals. As I assumed office, I respond to the President’s call with this bold 2020 vision: Holy Angel will be the place that attracts the best students and provides them with unparalleled Catholic education in preparation for their leadership roles in a complex, global society. While Dr. Calingo envisions a bright future for Holy Angel, my office will do its very best to enable that future.

So here is my message:

For our Graduate School Students: The Graduate Studies Research will continually enhance the academic environment built upon strong academic programs permeated with Catholic tradition that provides the tools to prepare you for a meaningful life rooted in Catholic faith, equipped with high impact academic excellence geared towards genuine service. College education is not only for a livelihood; it is about life. Students will be stimulated to reflect on fundamental questions of ethics and faith, confronting the moral nihilism that is now the norm for so many students. Academic Programs and courses will be led by faculty with terminal degrees and/or levels of experience appropriate to their discipline. Best students deserve the best professors.

For our Faculty: We will empower you to excel at what you do. We will figure out creative ways to develop you professionally. I foresee faculty members receiving Fulbright Scholarship, one at a time every year either doing a research or teaching in the US. Or maybe an HFG research grant, or a Spencer education research grant. And as you come back to us, after a year, you come back to us with renewed experience, your mental landscape changed, and you will enlighten those who would also want to get out of their Plato’s Cave to see another worldview. With your wellbeing in our mind, we will guarantee the best faculty, doing their best work — and not leaving Holy Angel University for this is the great university to work for.

For our Alumni: HAU will continue its “after sales relationship” with you after your studies in the University. Short seminars or workshops may be offered to update you of new trends to make you more marketable in the workplace, as well as after-school mentoring when needed. Our University will have “lifelong partnerships with students and alumni” even after their studies.

My position as your VP for Academic Affairs and your Graduate School Dean is one of gift, but also one of mission. I will give our faculty something to work on, our students something to challenge them with, and our local and global communities something to hope for. In the year 2030, Dr. Calingo visualizes HAU as the only one which does what it does best. I will take the challenge as his academic subaltern. Building on a strong start under the leadership of Dr. Calingo, I hope – surely I believe – that we can create a unique model of academic excellence in Pampanga, nurturing leaders of tomorrow, contributing to and engaging the wider community, and making an impact in the Philippines, in Asia and in the world. HAU will be a narrative of values, visions and voices. We will endeavor to be 5-10 years ahead of our time as we anticipate innovation and confront future-facing questions. We’re all in this together and we will change the world. I see this vision crystal clear. 20/20 vision. We will flourish as an academic community that shares common purpose and pride in accomplishing our goals.

Welcome to Holy Angel University.

Dr.Alma S. Espartinez
Dean, Graduate Studies & Research
Vice President, Academic Affairs
Holy Angel University