Holy Angel University Graduate School Faculty Roster

Responsive to the call of CHED to deliver quality graduate programs, HAU Graduate School is pleased to announce the offering of 10 graduate programs customized to suit the special needs of CHED’s faculty scholars.

The programs are compressed: Master’s programs are completed in 18 months; PhD programs, in 3 years.

The faculty represent diversified views and are qualified and productive scholars. They are notable practitioners, industry experts, seasoned educators and administrators.

Student-centered learning, multi-disciplinary, heuristic approaches and research-based methodologies are used to promote that academic and professional engagement and advance student’s career development goals.

State of the art facilities the case rooms in support of technology driven instruction, spacious faculty and student lounges, updated library resources and electronic data bases are provided for easy access to information for academic and research oriented undertakings.

It is hoped that these initiatives will help the faculty scholars improve their skills both as practitioners and leaders in the context of developing society.