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In response to the increasing needs for the advancement of knowledge in the province, Holy Angel University opened the Graduate School in 1961. The first program offered was the Master of Arts in Education. The program was granted government recognition on October 30, 1970.

In 1993, Master of Arts in Education major in College Teaching, Master of Arts in Education major in English Teaching, and Master of Business Management were offered. These were followed by the offering of Master of Arts major in Library Science, Master of Arts major in Mathematics, and Master in Public Administration in 1994. In the SY 1996-97, the University offered Doctor of Philosophy in Management major in Business Management, Educational Management, and Public Management.

On October 27, 2003, the Commission on Higher Education conferred the Autonomous Status to Holy Angel University which formalized the recognition of the programs, namely: Master in Engineering Program major in Electrical Engineering and Industrial Engineering, Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Management, Doctor of Business Management, and Master of Arts in Nursing.

Aside from offering academic programs, the Graduate School takes an active role in organizing and facilitating seminars and training for academic institutions, industry and government agencies.

The Graduate School Publication was created to serve as an avenue for the expression of opinions and ideas of the faculty and students.

In the SY 2005-06, Master of Science in Accountancy was offered to develop practitioners of accounting related functions with a high level of theoretical knowledge on advanced accounting and research principles. Master of Science in Engineering Management was also offered for managers in the engineering field to expose them to engineering and business aspects of technology. Furthermore, the school year marked the opening of Master in Public Administration - Government Elected Officials and Extension Programs. Two local government units became its learning centers, namely Angeles City Local Government and Capas Local Government.

During the same school year, the research activities of the University have been housed in the Graduate School under the leadership of the Dean, Dr. Arlyn S. Villanueva. With her are the Program Coordinators, representing each College, who are deputized to coordinate all research activities. Likewise, the programs of the Graduate School adopted the modular system of class scheduling.

In June 2006, the Commission on Higher Education, thru the Higher Education Development Project - Faculty Development Program (HEDP-FDP), recognized the University with its Master in Engineering Program as one of the Higher Education Institutions delivering engineering programs in the Philippines.

The Master of Business Management and Master in Educational Management majors in Guidance and Counseling, Library Science and Science Teaching programs had undergone accreditation on September 1 and 2, 2006 conducted by the Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities (PAASCU) in the areas of Faculty, Curriculum and Instruction, Research, Students, Library, Administration and Other Resources.

In keeping with its vision and mission of making the Graduate School the center of excellence in graduate education in the Asia-Pacific Region in the fields of business, education, engineering and nursing, the Graduate School has applied for international accreditation to the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE) for its Master of Business Management and Doctor of Business Management Programs in the areas of Curriculum, Faculty, Scholarly and Professional Activities, Resources, Business and Industry Relations, Educational Innovation, Articulation and Transfer Relationships and International Programs.

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HAU Mission Statement

We provide accessible quality education that transforms students into persons of conscience, competence, and compassion. We commit ourselves as a role-model catalyst for countryside development and one of the most influential, best-managed Catholic universities in the Asia-Pacific region. We will be guided by our core values of Christ-centeredness, integrity, excellence, community, and societal responsibility.

Graduate School


The Graduate School envisions itself to be one of the centers of excellence in graduate education and research in the Asia Pacific Region that will produce graduates who are role model catalysts for countryside development in the fields of Arts and Sciences, Business, Education, Information Technology, Engineering and Nursing education


The Graduate School offers accessible quality graduate education and research experiences that transforms professionals, practitioners, industry leaders into persons of conscience, competence and compassion, community, and societal responsibility, leadership and scholarship and global citizenship.


To realize the vision of the Graduate School, the following objectives must be achieved:

  1. Offer courses which are dynamic and responsive to changing global needs and abreast with current trends;
  2. Build and maintain a pool of research-oriented and competent faculty members who are experts in their field of specialization;
  3. Produce graduates who are influential leaders of society imbued with the highest moral and ethical standards;
  4. Provide an atmosphere that is professional and conducive to learning which nurtures a culture that promotes excellence, creativity and innovation, critical thinking and life long learning;
  5. Play an advocacy role in academic excellence, research undertakings and community service; andPlay an advocacy role in academic excellence, research undertakings and community service; and
  6. Participate actively in community outreach projects through the allocation of knowledge and skills as well as the execution of research capabilities.

Graduate School Of Business


The Holy Angel University Graduate School of Business is committed to the continuous pursuit of excellence that will earn the institution the recognition as a premier graduate business and management education center in the Asia-Pacific Region. Through its advance education and innovative programs, GSB is dedicated to help working professionals and entrepreneurs to become competent and socially responsible leaders in the global workplace.


To realize the vision of the Graduate School of Business - Business Management Programs, the following objectives must be achieved:

  • Attract and develop a pool of accomplished and principled faculty members who are experts in their corresponding fields and proficient in interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary approaches in teaching;
  • Offer programs that emphasize critical management attributes and are more relevant and responsive to the shifting needs of the real world;
  • Promote practitioner-research orientation that will allow us to participate in the furtherance of knowledge and elevate our management programs to higher level of excellence;
  • Forge and maintain strategic functional linkages and/or partnerships with academic societies, relevant organizations, foundations, agencies as well as other graduate schools to allow for cooperative efforts and to expedite technology transfer;
  • Create an environment conducive to learning with state-of-the-art facilities, progressive instruction technologies, ample up-to-date reference materials, and world class services by a complement of highly-skilled and trained staff; and
  • Nurture a culture that promotes excellence, creativity, innovation, and the highest ethical standards in the Christian context.

Graduate School Of Education


The Graduate School of Education envisions itself in the next five years to be the premier teacher training institution whose graduates shall provide examples of quality teaching, innovative leadership and updated managerial skills in educational institutions; promote research-oriented activities and render community service for the improvement of the quality of life.


To actualize the vision, the Graduate School of Education commits itself to the following objectives:

  • To develop highly competent leaders and experts in the fields of English, Mathematics, Guidance and Counseling, Library Science and Educational Management;
  • To nurture a scholarly attitude towards research for the improvement of educational thinking and practice;
  • To instill the spirit of community involvement through innovative and responsible approaches for the establishment of a progressive and responsible society;
  • To develop independent thinking and to sharpen the creative and critical capabilities of the individual.

Graduate School Of Nursing


The MA Nursing Program is committed to advance the science of nursing through the preparation of nurses who will be the future leaders of nursing service and nursing education. The program prepares nurses who will do research, provide quality nursing care in both clinical and community setting and provide leadership in the education of future nurses.


The MA Nursing Program prepares graduates who:

  • Utilize the nursing process to promote biopsychosocial health and disease prevention.
  • Demonstrate effective communication and collaboration with clients, future nurses and other health professionals.
  • Demonstrate leadership in planning, management and evaluation of care of the individuals, families and communities.
  • Identify researchable problems and critique completed research studies on issues of importance to nursing and health care delivery.
  • Modify nursing standards and practices in keeping with current trends and global needs.

Graduate School Of Engineering and Information Technology


The Graduate School of Engineering is committed to be a center of excellence for graduate engineering education, research and professional services so as to contribute to industrial development and to the advancement of science and technology.


To achieve this vision, the Graduate School of Engineering commits itself to the following objectives:

  • To develop highly qualified professionals who will work in the academe and industry and leaders in technological development;
  • To create an environment conducive to learning with state-of-the-art facilities, progressive instruction technologies, advanced reference materials, and a pool of distinguished faculty members;
  • To promote research so as to develop in the students better understanding and greater skill in solving engineering problems; and
  • To nurture a culture that promotes passion for excellence, teamwork, dedication, life-long learning and professional integrity in a Christian atmosphere.

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