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St. Therese of Lisieux Building (STL)
The building is named and dedicated to St. Therese of Lisieux, A French Carmelite nun and declared a Doctor of the Church.


A Four(4) Storey Bldg. for the College of Business and Accountancy (CBA) and College Hospitality Management (CHM).


The St. Therese of Lisieux (STL) Hall is a four-storey building which houses the College of Business and Accountancy. Centrally located in the university campus, it faces the San Francisco De Javier (SFJ) Building. It has a garden, a rooftop and elevator service. On the first floor are the Dean’s Office, Casa Nena, Kitchen Laboratory, Office Practice Room, Travel Office Room, and Computer Laboratories. A promenade is located on the second floor. Classrooms can be found from the second to the fourth floors. A caseroom is to be found in each floor starting on the second floor and on to the fourth floor. The caseroom on the second floor, named after a former dean of the college, is the Dean Angustias N. Sicangco Hall. A speech laboratory is located on the third floor.


  • CBA Dean’s Office

    The Dean’s Office is located on the 1st floor of the STL building, facing the STL Garden. It has a conference room, and three other rooms for the Deans of CBA and the secretary. It has a small living room where visitors wait for their turn to be attended to. It has also sliding windows where students have their college transactions.

  • CHM Dean’s Office

    The Dean’s Office for the Hospitality Management department is also located at the 1st floor of the STL building together with the CBA Dean's Office.

  • Front Office

    The Front Office is found at the 2nd floor near Dean Angustias N. Sicangco Case Room, it comprises the reception area as well as the guest service area. This served as the room for the CHM students to practice and enhance their communcation skills in dealing with the customers on a good manner.

  • Hotel Room A & B

    The Hotel Room A & B is located at the 2nd floor beside the Front Office. The main purpose of having a Hotel Room is to establish each CHM students to be prepared as giving them a real actual practice or training in regards with their fields.

  • Enterprise Office

    The Enterprise Office is adjacent to the Caseroom 3. It is equipped with two computer units, working tables, and electric fan for the use of the editorial staff of the student publication of CBA.

  • College Student Council (CSC) Office

    Adjacent to the Caseroom 2 is the CSC office which is equipped with a computer, sofa, cabinets, and telephone line. This is where the officers of the student council stay and discuss important matters for the benefit of the CBA students.


  • STL Garden

    Located at the center of the open space outside the building and in front of the Dean’s Office, the garden is used for various activities of the college. It has a student center equipped with Chinese tables and chairs where students can take their rest and do their stuff.

  • STL Roof Top

    This area is equipped with treadmills and other equipment used by the students taking up SPDPR. The area is also used by students in their aerobics classes.

  • Casa Nena

    The Casa Nena serves as function hall for certain college and university activities. This hall is good for holding conferences and meetings.

  • Kitchen Laboratory

    This kitchen laboratory is located beside Casa Nena. This is where the HRM students do their cooking activities for classroom and other school occasions. It is equipped with cooking equipments and refrigeration facilities.

  • Herb Garden

    The herb garden located infront of Casa Nena. It has several types of herbal plants such as gumamela, olive, amarillo, etc.

  • Travel Agency Room

    The Travel Office is located at the ground floor of STL Building, beside the Office Practice Room(DPR). This facility is used by Tourism students as a laboratory for their Travel Management Subject during their third year. The office is designed as a travel agency containing a conventional agency counter catering reservations and booking as well as a guest lounge where they can browse on a lot of brochures or different destinations in the Philippines as well as in Asia. The students stay at the office prepares them for a career in travel and tour operations.

  • Computer Laboratory

    There are two laboratories located at STL 101-102. Each Computer Laboratory is equipped with 55 computer units, two air conditioning units, and a telephone line.

  • STL Promenade

    This promenade serves as a study area for students. It has tables with parasols and chairs, located at the second(2nd) floor rightside of the building.

  • Dean Angustias N. Sicangco Hall (Caseroom 1)

    Caseroom 1 is located at STL 201. It has been named Dean Angustias N. Sicangco Hall on June 30, 2008, as a tribute to a former dean of the College of Commerce of the University. The room has swivel chairs for 100 persons, and these are placed behind fixed tables arranged in a circular amphitheater-like manner around the lowered stage located at the front of the room. The front of the room has whiteboards and a remote control projection screen. It has a desk for the speaker. The room is equipped with 4 air-conditioning units, a sound system, a computer, and a 3M. The ceiling is provided with lights that follow the arrangement of the tables below. The walls are covered with wooden panels while the floor is fully carpeted. The caseroom is good for holding big classes, meetings, seminars and conferences.

  • Caseroom 2 and 3

    Caserooms 2 and 3 are located at STL 301 and STL 401, respectively. Both rooms have monobloc seats and can accommodate 100 persons. The rooms have fixed tables arranged in circular and amphitheater-like manner around the lowered stage located at the front of the room. The front of the room has sliding whiteboards and a rostrum for the speaker. Each room is equipped with 4 air-conditioning units, a sound system, a computer, and a 3M. The ceiling is provided with lights that follow the arrangement of the tables below. The caserooms are good for holding big classes, meetings, seminars and conferences.

  • Speech Laboratory

    This room is used by the English classes. It is equipped with headsets.

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