Holy Angel University - Laus Deo Semper
Departments under Campus Services and Development Office

The CSDO is comprised of the following departments:

  • The Property Custodianship Office (PCO) is in-charge with safekeeping, maintenance and control of equipment and supplies. The unit has two sections: Furniture-Equipment Section which issues furniture and equipment needs of all units, and sees to it that these assets are well kept and are maintained properly, and; the Supplies Section which dispenses office supplies and materials to requesting units, and sees to it that supplies inventory is always at reasonable levels at any time.

  • Services:
    1. Request for Office Supplies, Spare Parts, Other Materials
    2. Request for Service Repair of Equipment & Furniture
    3. Disposal of Scrap Materials, Old or Obsolete Equipment
    4. Donation of Old/Used Equipment & Furniture to public schools and charitable institutions
    5. Turnover of equipment from one department to another department
    6. Cleaning & Maintenance of Equipment such as air-conditioning systems, school vehicles, etc.
    7. Conducting Auctions

  • The Central Purchasing Office (CPO) is in-charge of the general procurement of equipments, materials, services and other items and commoditites needed to support the academic and non-academic operations of the various units of the University. The office is responsible in sourcing, evaluating, and finally procuring different items and services needed by the University in its overall operations.

  • Services:
    1. Outsourcing of qualified suppliers/contractors
    2. Facilitates estimation of cost of equipment
    3. Facilitates product/service demonstrations
    4. Outside purchasing

  • The The Motorpool and Venues and Logistics Office is in-charge of the scheduling and monitoring and official trips of HAU personnel and students. It is also in-charge of the proper upkeep, repair and maintenance of all HAU vehicles. The office also facilities the access to appropriate venues for various activities conducted by the different units of the university, including the use of related venue equipment and materials needed to conduct such activities.

    1. Reservation for the use of school vehicles
    2. Reservation of venues for in-house or outside events.
    3. Sound system and other audio-video equipment

  • The Engineering, Construction and Maintenance Office (ECMO) is in-charge of the various construction, maintenance, and repairs of buildings and grounds facilities inside the campus. It is responsible in the overall upkeep and maintenance improvement and renovation and construction of buildings and other facilities.

    1. Carpentry, Painting, Iron, Tinsmith, Masonry works
    2. Fabrication or repair of furniture, partitions, shelves, desks, etc.
    3. Cost estimation and layout/design of civil projects

  • The General Services and Energy Management Office is in-charge of providing utility manpower services, sustaining campus cleanliness, and maintaining an aesthetically balanced landscape. It is also in-charge plumbing/tinsmith/electrical works and repairs. It responds to request for assistance for the cleaning and physical arrangements of venues for campus activities, and movements of equipment. The office also ensures the efficient use and consumption of energy inside the university.

    1. General cleaning of offices, rooms, comfort rooms and other venues
    2. Floor waxing or shampooing of carpet
    3. Provides manpower for the transfer of equipment and furniture
    4. Sets-up tables and chairs for events.
    5. Hanging of tarpaulins
    6. Repair of faucets, and leakages
    7. Repair/wiring of electrical systems
    8. Replace of busted lights
    9. Repair of ceiling fans
    10. Pest/termite control

  • The Campus Security Office plans, organize, and supervises the activities and operations of the University‚Äôs security and safety programs.

    1. Lost and Found
    2. Turning on and off of corridor and classroom lights.
    3. Pedestrian & Vehicular Traffic
    4. Parking Assistance
    5. Assistance during disasters, emergencies, etc.