Sports Scholarships

The University grants 25% to 100% tuition fee discount, free uniforms and transportation allowances to all varsity athletes in High School and College. The term and coverage of every scholarships grant is renewable every semester.

Qualifications For College Freshmen

  • High School (HS) experience in area of specialization with certification from HS trainer (belonged to a reputable group accepted by trainer). In case it is not met, applicants undergo a residency/under trainee status for a semester;
  • Passed and completed summer try-outs/training;
  • Passed HAU Entrance Test (HAU-CET) with 20 rating in chosen course;
  • Certificate of good moral character;
  • Of good physical health as certified by the HAU Medical Health Officer;
  • Letter of recommendation from previous trainer noted by the HS Principal which includes certification on previous record of accomplishments;
  • Completion of record of Training during summer or the previous semester

Maintenance Requirements

  • Good attendance in training and performances (refer to performance evaluation of athletes prepared by the coach);
  • Character and team spirit;
  • Of good physical health as certified by the HAU Medical Health Officer;
  • Enrolled in at least 18 units unless prescribed by the curriculum of the College;
  • No dropping of subjects unless approved by the College Guidance Officer and the Grants Officer;
  • Must have passed 70% of the enrolled units in the preceding semester;
  • No record of disciplinary action;
  • Recommendation from the trainer.