Scholarship Guidelines

General guidelines:
  1. A student may avail himself of only one (1) scholarship grant regardless of its source: university, non-university or government.
  2. A student with an academic grant should carry the number of units prescribed in the curriculum. For all other grants, a student must at least carry a minimum load of 18 units with permission from the Dean/Grants Officer.
  3. No scholarship grantee may drop any subject without prior permission from the Grants Office.
  4. Transferees may avail themselves of scholarship grants after one (1) semester residency in the University.
  5. A scholarship waiver is required to be duly accomplished by the grantee and his/her parent/guardian.
  6. Any disciplinary action disqualifies the grantee from his/her scholarship.
  7. Talent scholarships are not available for CON students.
  8. CED students are disqualified to join any talent group during their last two semesters in College.
  9. Only the Varsity Sports Scholars are exempted from taking Physical Education subjects.
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Qualifications Entry Requirements:

For Freshmen

  • High School experience in area of specialization with certification from HS trainer (belonged to a reputable group accepted by trainer). In case this is not met, applicants undergo a residency/under trainee status for a semester.
  • Passed and completed summer try-outs/training/auditions.
  • Passed HAU-CET with 20.00 rating in chosen course.
  • Good moral character certification.
  • Of good physical health as certified by the HAU Medical Health Officer.
  • Letter of recommendation from previous trainer noted by the HS Principal which includes certification on previous record of accomplishments.
  • Completion of record of Training during summer or the previous semester.

For Upperclassmen

  • Passed and completed summer try-outs/training/auditions
  • Good Moral Character certification.
  • Of good physical health as certified by the HAU Medical Health Officer.
  • Completion of record of training during summer or the previous semester.

Maintenance Requirements

  1. Good attendance in training and performances.
  2. Character and team spirit.
  3. Physical health certified by HAU Medical Health Officer.
  4. Enrolled in at least 18 units unless prescribed by the curriculum.
  5. No dropping of subjects unless approved by the College Guidance Office and the Grants Officer.
  6. Must have passed 70% of the enrolled units in the preceding semester.
  7. No record of disciplinary action.
  8. Recommendation from the Trainer.


Team Application

  1. Application Period is during the preceding semester.
  2. Try-out / completion of training period is during summer or the preceding semester.
  3. Submit pertinent documents during summer or the preceding semester.

Scholarship Processing

  1. Trainers submit line-up to the Dean of Student Affairs for evaluation.
  2. Offices of Student Affairs evaluate students based on existing guidelines.
  3. Office of Student Affairs submits list/line up to Grants Office.
  4. Grant Office issues a List of Qualified Scholars duly signed by Scholarship Committee (done prior to enrolment period and submits to the following offices for processing):

    1. Finance Office for tuition discount
    2. CASEd for PE exemption for Varsity Sports Scholars.
    3. Purchasing Officer for equipment and uniform
    4. Sports Office for Varsity Scholars
    5. Students sign waiver agreeing to the scholarship terms good for one semester.

Scholarship Processing

  1. Breach of contract in terms of absences, tardiness, etc., as certified by the trainer.
  2. Unsatisfactory performance with certification from trainer.
  3. Unavailability of Scholarship funds.
  4. Administrative prerogative to dissolve/suspend team.