Academic Cooperation

Dual Degree Program

Dual Degree Course Offerings

  • Tourism
    This course exposes the students to the Tourism Industry and its association to other service industry. The students will be given an opportunity to learn different principles and develop their skills in the following areas of the Tourism Sector: airline management, airport management, transportation system, events and convention, tour operation and management and travel office management.

  • Hotel and Restaurant Management
    This course is designed to equip the students with different skills necessary in the field of Hotel and Restaurant Industry. Students will learn kitchen and restaurant management, front office management, hotel operations and entrepreneurial and managerial skills. HRM students are also exposed to different work places, ethics, values and varying culture to ensure that they become well-rounded persons.

  • Business Management
    This course is designed to equip the students with the competencies necessary in making management decisions in large and small enterprises. It provides adequate entrepreneurial and managerial skill that will enable them to be efficient business managers and practitioners.

  • Information and Communications Technology major in Multi Media Technology
    This course trains the students to conceptualize, layout, design and choreograph production that caters to advertising and different types of presentations. It also teaches the students to collaborate with the production of sounds in video presentation.

Guest Lecturers/International Guests

The University invites foreign experts to deliver lectures to the faculty and students. This arrangement has been started in the College of Business and Accountancy where Dr. Heon Yong Jung gave a lecture on Financial Derivatives to Accountancy students.

Dr. Achitpon Sasitharanuwat, Dean of Science and Technology of Uttaradit Rajabhat University, Thailand gave a talk on International Benchmarking in Engineering Education to the administrators, faculty and students from the College of Engineering & Architecture (CEA). Engineering Deans and Chairpersons from the University of the Assumption, and Systems Plus College Foundation also attended the occasion.