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Get Involved!

We encourage our Alumni to participate in the following projects of the University:


The University has opened its Scholarship Fund-Raising Campaign to include not just its usual target donors but its own employees and alumni. We believe that if we all make a lot of small sacrifices, no one has to make one big sacrifice anymore.

Brochure for Donation within the Phillipines (Download)

Brochure for Donation outside of the Phillipines (Download)


Think of the students who can't afford lunch or snacks. They go to school hungry and go home hungry. Join our "Share-a-Meal" program where you pay twice the amount of the meal you buy so that the hungry student's meal is already paid for in advance. Another option is to donate any amount to a common fund to finance a weekly or monthly sopas center (soup kitchen) on campus and to sponsor free meals for all the hungry students. This is part of the HAU Office of Student Services and Affairs' "No Student Left Behind" program.

Batch Reunions

Kindly refer to the attached Alumni Brochure