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Alumni Relations


The Alumni Relations Office shall continue to strengthen the relationship and communication of the Holy Angel University (HAU) and its alumni through the HAU Alumni Association Inc. (HAUAAI) so that the alumni can be tapped as the University’s partners in its development efforts.


To build and sustain life-long relationships with HAU Alumni by maintaining personal contacts, hosting special events, creating alumni networks within the Philippines and abroad, providing services which benefit alumni and by involving alumni in ways which use their talents and skills to enhance the HAU community.


To strengthen the ties between the University and alumni/Alumni Association and encourage them to participate in various University activities, more especially in giving career orientation to students and in the University’s outreach programs.

To encourage alumni and prospective graduates to participate in the self-development and professional development programs set-up by the Alumni Relations Office, other University departments and units, and colleges.

To guide alumni and prospective graduates through the process of seeking job opportunities by providing them with various counseling and job placement services.

To assist the University and other departments and units in the process of developing and planning academic programs targeted at alumni.

To make follow-up studies of alumni in order to improve the services and programs of the University.

To link the Office to enable it to solicit from the alumni capital fund for the University’s various physical development efforts and scholarship projects.

To support the Alumni Association/Batch Host by providing venue and other forms of assistance during the yearly Grand Alumni Homecoming.

To facilitate/coordinate alumni visits (small groups/batch/individual) to / meetings in the University adopting the following Standards Operating Procedures:

  • Requests for visits/meetings must be referred to the Alumni Liaison Officer (ALO).
  • ALO arranges/coordinates with concerned offices venues for said visits\meetings.
  • For a Group/Batch Tour, the University Rondalla will provide a welcome treat at either Main Lobby or CKS Center stage.
  • Campus Tour itinerary shall include, but is not limited to, the following venues/facilities:

    • Main Building (Plaza San Jose)
    • ULRC
    • Oval (passing through St. Uriel Road)
    • Gym
    • Main Building (Center for Kapampangan Studies)

  • A Holy Mass can be arranged as per request and the availability of the University Chapel and Chaplain.
  • Alumni shall be made to register in/update the HAU Alumni Directory.
  • Brochures regarding the University and its various programs and projects shall likewise be distributed during the visit to inform the alumni of the latest happenings in the University and the ways and means by which they can involve themselves in the University’s development.