Community Service Consultative Body

In carrying out extension activities, the University seeks to coordinate sectoral efforts and resources for the maximum benefit of both service providers and recipients toward the attainment of the University’s vision. Participatory management of ICESP and sector-based projects and activities is undertaken through the CSCB or the Community Service Consultative Body consisting of representatives from colleges, basic education, non-teaching and administrators, the chairperson of which is the Head of OCES. Alumni are also invited when necessary.

Functions of the CSCB Representatives

The CSCB sectoral representatives are volunteers who do not receive any compensation in doing the following liaison functions between OCES and their respective departments or sectors:

  • Dissemination of information about community extension projects for the purpose of mobilizing active involvement and generating appropriate resources
  • Attendance to regular and emergency or special meetings convened to formulate recommendations for:
    • Policy formulation;
    • Program development;
    • Project area selection;
    • Areas and level of involvement, and
    • Project planning and evaluation

CSCB Chairperson and Representatives, SY 2016-2017

Ms. Shirley Mae Marcos:OCES Head and CSCB Chairperson
Dr. Cecilia Teodoro:Graduate School Representative
Mr. Arlan Dela Cruz:School of Arts and Sciences Representative
Ms. Maria Dulce Fidellaga and
Mr. Arnold Salcedo
:School of Business and Accountancy Representatives
Dr. Reynante Vitug:School of Education Representative
Mr. Jeric Goingco:College of Criminal Justice Education and Forensics Representative
Engr. Gina Tumang and
Engr. Elmer Perez
:College of Engineering and Architecture Representatives
Ms. Heidi Sioteco and
Ms. Bernadette Aguas
:College of Hospitality and Tourism Management Representatives
Ms. Alma Theresa Manaloto:College of Information and Communications Technology Representative
Mr. Lauro Linag:College of Nursing and Allied Medical Sciences Representative
Ms. Marilyn Gomez:Basic Education Department Representative
Mr. Jesus Panlilio:HAU Administration Representative
Mr. Francisco David and
Mr. Mario Dayrit
:HAU Non-Teaching Personnel Representatives