Office of the Community Extension Services (OCES)

About Us

This is the extension service arm of the University that implements programs and activities ranging from outreach to developmental forms. It engages the university’s faculty, non-teaching staff, students, and alumni in volunteer services through the extension of support to, for and with marginalized sectors/communities in terms of material, technical, educational, service learning, as well as values formation.


Capable, committed and compassionate Holy Angel University volunteers and workers in communion with empowered and enabled ecclesial communities


Participating in the mission of Christ, we, the community extension volunteers and workers, promote stewardship, growth and development by generating options for and with our marginalized partner communities in Angeles City and outlying areas of Pampanga.

Goals and Objectives:

To engage the staff, volunteers, and partner communities in enabling, community building, and developmental programs by working on the following components:

  1. Character and capacity formation of staff, volunteers, department-based community service representatives, and partner Peoples’ Organizations or groups;
  2. Stewardship framework in operating principles, community building processes and approaches, and developmental interventions to improve quality of life and preserve/promote the dignity of the person and the integrity of creation
  3. Sound and creative resource generation, allocation, mobilization, and related operational procedures
  4. Participative and contextualized needs assessment, planning, implementation, feedback processes, and impact evaluation
  5. Partnerships/linkages building with GOs and NGOs, alumni, and the Church for program complementation