Sr. Josefina G. Nepomuceno Formation Center

Named after Sr. Josefina G. Nepomuceno, one of the daughters of the University’s founder Don Juan D. Nepomuceno, who belongs to the Order of St. Benedict, the SJN Formation Center was established as Holy Angel University’s resource facility in carrying out programs for faith-life formation and integration, religious education, community extension service/social action and pastoral care in the form of:

  • Recollections and retreats;
  • Spiritual conferences and lay formation trainings and seminars;
  • Liturgical and sacramental activities;
  • Prayer workshops;
  • Group processing and sharing activities;
  • Lifelong learning, and
  • Other pastoral and community development trainings and programs

The SJN Formation Center is dedicated to St. John Paul II whose many significant contributions to the Catholic Church include his love for the youth.

Located at the back of the Chapel of the Holy Guardian Angel, the four-storey building houses the University’s Campus Ministry Office (CMO), the Office of the Community Extension Services (OCES), and the Christian Living Education (CLE) Department––all under the umbrella of the Institute for Christian Formation and Social Integration (ICFSI). Each unit of the Institute carries out its specific functions anchored on the three-fold ministries of the Church––Formation, Liturgy and Service.

As a cluster, ICFSI was organized in the school year 2011-2012, though the three units have existed long before and have been integrated in other departments as part of the University’s functions.

The ICFSI is the University’s arm responsible in catering to the spiritual and social formation needs of HAU students and employees aimed at:

  • Providing opportunities for students and employees to know, to process and to grow in their faith life;
  • Synergizing spiritual and community involvement efforts and initiatives;
  • Building a faith community in the campus, and
  • Initiating programs that will help the HAU community to be critical, discerning and responsive to social realities.

It was built in support of and in solidarity with the Catholic Church’s lay pastoral formation initiatives and advocacies towards stewardship, discipleship, and apostleship.

To carry out ICFSI’s mission, the Formation Center has been equipped with facilities that lend themselves to cater to the various services and functions needed by its end users.

The Ground Floor which is called St. John Paul II Hall houses the:

  • Adoration Chapel;
  • Confession Area;
  • Center Lobby for group sharing, religious activities and reception, and
  • Office Units (the ICFSI Secretariat, the Office of the Community Extension Services, the Christian Living Education Department and the Campus Ministry Office)

The Second Floor features three formation rooms that can accommodate a total of 170 persons:

  • St. Gabriel Formation Room
  • St. Michael Formation Room
  • St. Raphael Formation Room

The Third Floor houses the dormitories that can accommodate a total of 140 persons:

  • St. Uriel Dormitory for Women
  • St. Barachiel Dormitory for Women
  • St. Judiel Dormitory for Men
  • St. Sealtiel Dormitory for Men

The Fourth Floor serves as a Meditation Deck.

The Fourth Floor is aptly named as the Seraphim (angels of unadulterated love, fire of healing, and light) and Cherubim (fullness of knowledge and Divine Wisdom) Meditation Deck. The serene atmosphere created by the picturesque meditational garden amidst the surrounding quietude makes the place very conducive for reflection, journal writing and similar activities that can be done in the gazebos situated on both ends of the roof deck.