University Pastoral Council

In order to carry out the Campus Ministry functions, the Campus Ministry Office (CMO) has its coordinating body known as the Campus Ministry Council (CMC). It is composed of the representatives recommended by their respective unit heads. The departments represented in the CMC are as follows:

  • Basic Education Department
  • School of Arts
  • School of Business and Accountancy
  • School of Education
  • College of Criminal Justice Education and Forensics
  • College of Engineering and Architecture
  • College of Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • College of Information and Communications Technology
  • College of Nursing and Allied Medical Sciences
  • Campus Services and Development Cluster
  • Information Technology Cluster
  • Finance and Resource Management Services Cluster
  • Registrar Cluster
  • Academic Cluster

Duties and Responsibilities of the CMC Members

  1. Attend meetings called upon by the CMO as the need arises;
  2. Coordinates with their respective colleges or departments all the things taken up during meetings with CMO;
  3. Gather suggestions from their respective colleges or departments regarding the improvement of religious and spiritual activities;
  4. Coordinate with the CMO concerning First Friday Masses in terms of: readers, offerers and design of the Mass;
  5. Suggest measures to make religious activities more meaningful;
  6. Refer students for spiritual counseling, and
  7. Perform other duties agreed upon during meetings with CMO.