Programs and Activities

Orientation for Freshmen

The Christian Living Education (CLE) Department spearheads the orientation of freshmen college students as they enter the university. Discussions on the vision, mission, core values and strategic objectives of the university are cascaded as well as its history, buildings, patron saints, and the angels and charisms assigned per school or college. The Angelite prayer and the Holy Angel Hymn are also introduced during the said orientation.

Bible for Faith and Action Sharing Team (BFAST) Sessions

BFAST which was adopted from the Bible for Faith and Action Sharing Team program of the Holy Rosary Parish is regularly held in CLE classes on Thursdays for TTh classes and on Fridays for MWF classes. BFAST becomes an avenue for students to study and discern the Word of God and establish basic ecclesial communities inside the classroom.

Pilgrimage of CLE 2 Classes to the Apu Mamacalulu Shrine

As part of the efforts to promote and foster the devotion to Apu Mamacalulu, a Lenten pilgrimage to the Shrine is held every year in CLE 2 classes.

CLE 4 Praxis

CLE 4 students are sent to immersion, apostolate and exposure activities that enable them to see the realities of life in the context of economic, social and political spheres in the light of Catholic social teachings.

Celebration of the Sacraments and Other Liturgical Activities

CLE students are given opportunities to participate in the celebration of the Sacraments, particularly the Holy Eucharist. The Christian Living Education Department also coordinates with the Campus Ministry Office to ensure that college students who may not have received the sacrament of confirmation be given the said Sacrament. Other liturgical activities that students are engaged in include Taize prayer, rosary, processions and bible sharing.

Youth Formation, Conferences and Symposia

The CLE Department takes the lead in conducting youth formation activities, conferences and symposia with varying topics on the Catholic faith such as Theology of the Body, Sexuality, Bible-Based Seminars, Spiritual Enhancement Trainings, and the like.

Catechetical Formation Program

The Christina Living Education Department is in-charge of the catechetical training of education students who are being deployed in adopted schools of the University in coordination with the Campus Ministry Office and the School of Education. CLE Professors are also being invited to give catechetical training to catechists and parish workers in the Archdiocese of San Fernando.

Spiritual and Faith Development Research

The CLE Department’s pool of faculty are actively involved in the conduct of researches that deal with spirituality, youth formation, religious education, values education, catechesis and parish involvement. The department is tapped for faith and spirituality researches not only by the University but also by other research organizations.

Support Program for Parish and Archdiocesan Pastoral Program

The department is actively involved with pastoral programs of the Holy Rosary Parish. It is also in active support to Archdiocesan programs like the Biblical Apostolate and the Commission on Catechesis.