Christian Living Education Department (CLE)

About Us

The CLE Department primarily carries out religious education and formation activities complementing the Campus Ministry and the Community Extension Services’ faith–life integration activities, to wit:

  • Pathways sessions (Christian Living Instruction)
  • Bible for Faith and Action Sharing Team (BFAST) for students anchored from Holy Rosary Parish BFAST program
  • Participation in Sacraments and other liturgical celebrations
  • Youth assemblies, prayer gatherings, fellowship
  • Immersion/apostolate
  • Capacity building; symposia, conferences


A Christian community that is a living witness to the life and ministry of Jesus Christ


To realize its vision, the Department is committed to provide holistic and integral Christian education and values formation through its religious instruction, programs and activities.


  1. Promote quality Christian education that will impart knowledge and inculcate sound moral values that foster love of God, country, fellowmen and environment;
  2. Create and facilitate programs and activities that will enhance the spiritual faith-life integration and social involvement of University community members, especially but not limited to students, and
  3. Celebrate an atmosphere of love, trust and hope by becoming faithful and joyful witnesses of the values of Christ through day-to-day life experiences


  1. Offer a curriculum that is developmental in nature and Christian in character to ensure the holistic formation of the students;
  2. Facilitate a dynamic and comprehensive discussion of Christian Living Education courses through enculturated, renewed and integral learning approaches, and
  3. Enhance skills and competencies of faculty by continuing professional education