Students from Holy Angel University's School of Engineering and Architecture

School of Hospitality and Tourism Management’s (SHTM’s) traditional Travel


Holy Angel University’s Mechanical Engineering (ME) students, headed by HAU


Holy Angel University’s recent batch of graduates under the Bachelor of

Holy Angel University - College of Information and Communications Technology's

As one of the largest industries in the world in economic contributions,


The Department of Science and Technology-Technology Application

Part of Holy Angel University’s mission statement is to transform its students into

Holy Angel University's College of Criminal Justice Education and Forensics (CCJEF)


In celebration of the UN International day of Peace organized by the HAU School of Education (SED),

Holy Angel University's former lecturer of Arabic language Arienne Louise


The Communicators’ League held the first-ever gathering of Communication students in Central Luzon

The kindness and generosity of the HAU community was once again


The School of Arts and Sciences held a Forum on Federalism last September 5, 2018

The Christian Living Education (CLE) Department and the Institute for Christian

Media practitioners from ABS-CBN, Knowledge Channel and ABS-CBN News Channel visited Holy Angel University

Holy Angel University has just become the first school in the Philippines to

As a monthly tradition of engaging with its employees, Holy Angel University

Mr. Atilano “Al” Benardo David, Holy Angel University alumnus from High School

Holy Angel University President Dr. Luis Maria Calingo extended his