Program on Formation

This program strengthens the spiritual mindset of the whole University community thru activities designed to help attain the University's mission of co-creating a quality experience and environment that promote Christ - centered values.

  1. ELS Kids' Bible Story Telling
  2. Graduating Students' Recollection (ELS, High School, College)
  3. 2nd year High School Recollection (half day)
  4. 3rd year High School Human Sexuality Formation in cooperation with the Guidance Center
  5. 4th year High School Symposium on Love (2 section per session)
  6. Psycho-Spiritual Integration Sessions for HAU Employees
  7. "Ex Corde Ecclesiae" Seminar for Management Staff & Faculty
  8. Seminars on the Catholic Liturgy (sharing about Catholic liturgical practices)
  9. Advent Recollections for HAU Employees
  10. Lenten Recollections for HAU Employees
  11. Pastoral Counseling (by appointment)
  12. Vocation Promotion
  13. Youth Ministry's Skills Training and Seminars
  14. Recollection of Parents (First Communicants)
  15. College Faculty Summer Recollection
  16. ELS-CLE Faculty Retreat
  17. High School Values Education Faculty Retreat

Kids, Youth and Adult Formation

  1. Retreats and recollections
  2. Psycho-spiritual integration seminars
  3. Seminars on the Catholic liturgy, the Bible, Catholic doctrines, advocacies, and related components
  4. Formation for members of the Youth Ministry and the Religious Organizations
  5. Advent and Lenten Recollections for employees
  6. Orientation of newly hired employees