Mission / Vision, Goals and Objectives


True to the University’s Catholic identity and mission, the CMO preserves and promotes the spiritual growth of the whole Holy Angel University community through meaningful liturgical celebrations and other faith-oriented endeavors.

Goals & Objectives

  1. To preserve and promote the Catholic identity and spirituality of the University;
  2. To plan, implement and evaluate liturgical , formation and related activities;
  3. To coordinate with various departments and offices in the campus concerning liturgical, religious, formation , apostolate and other spiritual activities;
  4. To coordinate with the Archdiocese, parishes and other ecclesiastical authorities with regard to liturgical, formation and service involvement of the University;
  5. To partner with the Christian Living Education Department and the Office of the Community Extension Services in promoting activities with regard to formation and service or the apostolate aspect of the Campus Ministry Office;
  6. To play an advocacy role in matters concerning justice and morals, and
  7. To promote Catholic devotions and other Catholic practices among the Holy Angel University community members.