Mission / Vision, Goals and Objectives


The CMO envisions:

  • A dynamic ministry focused on the spiritual upliftment of students and employees through meaningful activities
  • A community reflective and responsive to the integration between faith - life and everyday life in school, in the family, in the parish communities and in the society.


In support of the mission statement of Holy Angel University that declares herself as a Catholic learning institution, the CMO animates the spirituality of students and employees through FORMATION, LITURGY and APOSTOLATE especially along the lines of religious and moral aspects of living.

Goals & Objectives

  1. Initiates, promotes and sustains the faith and spirituality of the University.
  2. Plans, implements and evaluates religious activities
  3. Coordinates with the various departments and offices in the campus concerning religious activities and spiritual upliftment.
  4. Coordinates with other parishes and other ecclesiastical authorities with regards to the religious involvement of the University.
  5. Plays advocacy role in matters concerning justice and morals.