Guidelines for CMO Activities

The Campus Ministry Office (CMO) has the following guidelines on the use of the University Chapel and MGN Conference Room:

  1. Only Religious activities are allowed.
  2. Regular schedule should be followed by the requesting party.
  3. The chapel's usage is limited to a maximum of two hours per session. This is to give way to the students, faculty, and employees who are visiting the chapel anytime during the day of prayer.
  4. No activity is allowed after office hours.
  5. Activities that create noise or loud sounds are not allowed.
  6. University and CMO activities are given priority over the regular activity of the requesting party.
  7. The chapel's cleanliness should be maintained.
  8. No vandalism.
  9. Pews should not be rearranged.
  10. Air conditioning units should be turned off after use.
  11. Violations of any guidelines mentioned above will mean termination of the use of the Chapel by the requesting party.


The Chapel and the Prayer Room are open from 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.