Campus Ministry Organizations

With the help of the Basic Education and College Youth Ministry, the CMO carries out its mission of preserving and promoting the spiritual growth of the whole Holy Angel University community through meaningful liturgical celebrations and other faith-oriented endeavors. These organizations follow its unique charism of animating the spirituality of students.

College Level:

  • Altar Servers’ Ministry (ASM) – in charge of the altar services during Eucharistic and Liturgical Celebrations
  • Lectors-Commentators’ Ministry (LCM) – serves as commentators and lectors during Eucharistic Celebrations
  • Music Ministry (MM) – in charge of Liturgical Songs in the Mass
  • Catholic Devotion Ministry (CDM) – focuses on spreading catholic devotions and practices
  • Catechetical Ministry (CM) – in charge of the Catechetical Instructions

High School Level:

  • SCG (Student Catechists' Group)
  • LCG (Lectors-Commentators’ Group)
  • ASG (Altar Servers’ Group)
  • Maidens (Basic Education’s counterpart of the MDA Group)
  • Musikeros (Basic Education’s Choir Group)

Elementary Level:

  • SCG (Grades 5 & 6 Student-Catechists' Group)
  • Lec-Com Group
  • Altar Servers’ Group
  • Music Glee Club (Grade School’s Choir Group)