Scholarships for High School Students



  1. The student athlete must posses good moral character
  2. He/She must be physically fit.
  3. He/She must not have any failing grade or deficiency.

Maintenance Requirements:

  1. An athlete must pass all his subjects during the second grading period and succeeding grading periods. Failure to do so will mean cancellation of scholarship.
  2. He/She must incur no more than three (3) absences during practices (3 tardy marks are equivalent to one absence). In case of an absence during practice, the respective coach must be notified.
  3. He/She must get a satisfactory performance rating from the coach/trainer.
  4. The student-athlete must attend his/her classes regularly.
  5. If the student-athlete will compete, he/she must personally inform his/her subject teachers about the days he/she will be absent.
  6. If the teacher will give the student-athlete extra work, he/she must accomplish them to make up for his/her absences.

Salome Tan Foundation Scholarships

The Scholarship is given to academically good but financially strapped students and is good up to 4th year level as long as the student will not incur any failing grades in the finals.

Educational Service Contracting Scheme (ESC)


  1. ESC grantees shall be qualified for the ESC subsidy for the subsequent school year if they are promoted to the next academic level.
  2. Repeaters and drop-outs are automatically disqualified from the program
  3. Only students who have actually enrolled and have attended classes up to the end of June shall be admitted into the program.
  4. Qualified ESC grantees who transfer to another participating school shall be allowed to continue as grantees provided that they have valid transfer credentials.

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