Scholarships for College Students

For upper 10% of the Senior High School Graduating Batch. Minimum Number of graduates should not be less than 10.

  1. Juan D. Nepomuceno (JDN) Scholarships-for High School Valedictorian, 100% tuition fee discount.
  2. Archbishop Pedro Santos (APS) Scholarships-for High School Salutatorian, 75% tuition fee discount.
  3. Ricardo V. Flores (RVF) Scholarship- for the Upper 10% of the Graduating Batch, 50% tuition fee discount.

For upper 1% of the HAU Senior High School graduating batch, 100% tuition fee and laboratory fee discount.


  1. Accomplished application form with 1.5x1.5 picture
  2. Certificate from the Principal stating rank/distinction among the total number of graduates. Certificate should be with the school dry seal.
  3. Good moral character certification
  4. Report card with LRN #

a 1st semester (one semester) financial subsidy for incoming freshmen.

  1. Financial Assistance to the Entrance scholars (upper 10%)
  2. Tuition fee discount- 3,000.00 tuition fee discount
  3. Uniform Allowance- 3 sets of school uniform (cloth)
  4. Book Allowance- 2,000.00 worth of book
  5. Dorm Subsidy- 800.00 monthly dormitory subsidy
  6. Meal Allowance-900.00 monthly food stub
  7. Transportation Allowance-900.00 monthly transportation subsidy

A 100% tuition fee discount and 500.00 monthly allowances for students who are willing to render four (4) hours of duty every day (Mon-Sat).

A 100% tuition fee discount plus free uniform for student who pass try-outs for the following sport events (men and women).

  1. Athletics
  2. Badminton
  3. Basketball
  4. Chess
  5. Lawn Tennis
  6. Table Tennis
  7. Taekwondo
  8. Volleyball

A 50-100% tuition fee discount will be given to those students who passed the auditions for the following programs.

  1. Dance Theater
  2. HAU Chorale
  3. Parade Band
  4. Rondalla

For students who qualify based on academic and economic status who are willing to render a minimum number of hours of duty a week in the university.

  1. ISSI Academic
  2. ISSI Financial Assistance

For students who fail to qualify for the upper 1% in the Honor Roll of their Year Level in their college, a 50-100% tuition fee discount will be given depending on the available funds. Different programs /grants

  1. Academic Grants
  2. Angeles City PNP Dependents
  3. JDN Full Scholarship
  4. Indigenous People
  5. Person with Disability
  6. Values Education
  7. 1000 Teachers’ Program

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