Scholarships and Grants

  1. A student may avail himself of only one (1) scholarship grant regardless of its source.
  2. A student with an academic grant should carry the number of units prescribed in the curriculum.
  3. No scholarship grantee may drop any subject without prior permission from the Scholarships Office.
  4. Transferees may avail themselves of scholarship grants after one (1) semester (for college) or one year (for high school) residency in the University.
  5. A Scholarship Waiver is required to be duly accomplished by the grantee and his/her parent/guardian.
  6. Any disciplinary action disqualifies the grantee from his/her scholarship.
  7. Varsity Sports Scholars and under trainees are exempted from taking Physical Education subjects.


  1. Secure and accomplish an Application Form from the University Scholarships and Grants Office.
  2. Submit accomplished Application Form together with the documentary requirements:

    • For Academic Scholarships: copy of grades
    • For Student Assistants: copy of grades, barangay clearance, ITR or Tax Exemption Certificate of Parents, water bill, electric bill, birth certificate, sketch of address
  3. USGO will set a schedule for the interview
  4. Qualified applicants will be notified through phone calls or a text message
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The Holy Angel University Endowment Fund

The Holy Angel University Endowment Fund has been established to support the University's scholarships, grants, faculty development and research.

Alumni donors can consider this Fund an expression of their enduring gratitude to their Alma Mater, while non-alumni donors may take it as an expression of faith in the University's academic excellence and support for its mission and various advocacies.

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