• Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives


A premier provider of catholic–educated nursing and allied medical professionals


To offer accessible quality nursing and allied medical science education that transforms students into conscientious, competent, and compassionate professionals.


  • To attain scholastic excellence and student success through innovative instruction, research, and experiential learning. (Excellence)
  • To educate and assist each student in the development of an authentic self-identity with integrity and as a person in relationship with God. (Integrity and Christ-centeredness)
  • To produce graduates of character who are well-prepared to be transformational leaders and prime movers for countryside and global development. (Community & Societal Responsibility)


  1. To provide an up-to-date nursing and allied health science education curriculum that will equip students with the knowledge, skills and attitude to make them competitive in diverse setting and adopt to constantly changing environment;
  2. To recruit and maintain academically and professionally qualified faculty who will make full use of teaching resources to shape and strengthen both classroom and related learning experiences; and
  3. To engage students, faculty and alumni in health-focused activities toward the promotion of personal and community health