• Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives


The leading Catholic institution of teacher education in the region that serves as a benchmark for quality instruction, research and other best teaching learning practices.


To provide quality education that enables students to be critical thinkers, mindful of their responsibilities to society and equipped with holistic education catering to the heart and soul as well as to the body and mind.


To offer programs and projects that promote Christ centeredness, integrity, excellence, community and societal responsibility, leadership, scholarship, lifelong learning, effective communication, innovation, gender sensitivity and technological integration


  1. To provide students with the opportunities and exposure to develop them and become highly competent educators, leaders and experts who continuously work for the advancement of educational thinking and practice
  2. To instill in the students the spirit of community involvement through relevant programs/projects and become more responsive to the challenges of a progressive and dynamic society
  3. To continuously hire academically and professionally qualified and competent faculty equipped with expertise and exposure needed in the practice of the profession
  4. To serve as a benchmark for quality instruction, research and best teaching learning practices