• Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives


A center of excellence in engineering and architecture education imbued with Catholic mission and identity serving as a role-model catalyst for countryside development


The School shall provide accessible quality engineering and architecture education leading to highly competent professional; continually contribute to the advancement of knowledge and technology through research activities; and support countryside development through environmental preservation and community involvement.


The School of Engineering and Architecture is known for its curricular programs and services, research undertakings, and community involvement that are geared to produce competitive graduates:

  • Who are equipped with high impact educational practices for global employability and technopreneurial opportunities;
  • Whose performance in national licensure examinations and certifications is consistently above national passing rates and that falls within the 75th to 90th percentile ranks; and,
  • Who qualify for international licensure examinations, certifications, and professional recognitions.


In its pursuit for academic excellence and to become an authentic instrument for countryside development, the School of Engineering and Architecture aims to achieve the following objectives:

  1. To provide students with fundamental knowledge and skills in the technical and social disciplines so that they may develop a sound perspective for competent engineering and architecture practice;
  2. To inculcate in the students the values and discipline necessary in developing them into socially responsible and globally competitive professionals;
  3. To instill in the students a sense of social commitment through involvement in meaningful community projects and services;
  4. To promote the development of a sustainable environment and the improvement of the quality of life by designing technology solutions beneficial to a dynamic world;
  5. To adopt a faculty development program that is responsive to the continuing development and engagement of faculty in research, technopreneurship, community service and professional development activities both in the local and international context;
  6. To implement a facility development program that promotes a continuing acquisition of state of the art facilities that are at par with leading engineering and architecture schools in the Asia Pacific region; and,
  7. To sustain a strong partnership and linkage with institutions, industries, and professional organizations in both national and international levels.